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Recurring Payment


Recurring Payment



Recurring Payment

STUDENT - 6 months



Recurring Payment


Recurring Payment


Post your professional profile on our database so that producers can quickly find you.

Priority access to career-advancement workshops.

Receive priority notifications about new opportunities.

Learn industry related skills to advance your career.

Exposure in the industry by attending events with other professionals.

Gain experience by working within a network of film activity.

You will be redirected to our crew database sign up page after purchasing your membership.


Student purchases will be asked for verification prior to access to pro membership benefits.


For more information on our free membership, click here.

If you are a local business looking to sign up or create a listing in our database, click here for more information.

Questions about our membership options? Get in touch with us, info@cnyfilm.com





Recurring Payment


Recurring Payment

Help support our efforts to the local film community! As a community supporter to CNY Film Professionals you will gain access to any special events at our quarterly meetups; film screenings, celebrity meet & greets and more!


For more information regarding our Community Supporter Membership, contact us at info@cnyfilm.com.



  • What role does CNYFP play in the film community?

    CNY Film Professionals (CNYFP) is a non-profit whose mission is to help its members develop their careers through training, networking, and job opportunities. We also connect film and TV producers to regional cast, crew, vendors, locations, and other resources.


    CNYFP has created a formidable alliance of major institutions that includes the Onondaga County Film Commissioner, the Greater Syracuse Film Office, the NY State Film Office, neighboring film offices, regional colleges and universities, the Syracuse International Film Festival, and other film-related entities.

  • What career benefits are available to Professional Members of CNYFP?

    Priority Job Notifications - When film and TV productions are looking to hire personnel (cast and crew), our Professional Members will receive early and/or exclusive access to these opportunities.


    Professional Profile with the Greater Syracuse Film Office - Professional Members can create and post a professional profile on the industry-standard database on the website of the Greater Syracuse Film Office. Our partners (Film Commissioners, Film Offices, and others) will direct productions to this database to find their cast, crew, vendors, and locations.


    Priority Access to Career-Development Workshops - CNYFP is developing workshops taught by veterans of the film and TV industry in partnership with regional colleges, universities, film production unions, and other businesses and institutions. Workshops have limited capacity and varying prices. Professional Members receive priority placement and will only pay the membership rate.


    VIP Networking Opportunities - Professional Members will be invited to attend events with veteran members of the film and TV industry, including directors, producers, actors, and others.


    Beyond these specific benefits, there are two additional benefits to become a Professional Member of CNYFP.


    CNYFP has become the conduit between the CNY film community and the rest of the film industry. Film and TV productions in CNY coordinate with the Greater Syracuse Film Office, the Onondaga County Film Commissioner, and/or the NY State Film Office. These offices refer the productions to CNYFP for their production needs: cast, crew, vendors, locations, and other resources. This is why you need to be a Professional Member with CNYFP.


    CNYFP was founded and built by this community when everyone came together and decided to proactively build a film industry in CNY. CNYFP is a volunteer-driven non-profit platform for everyone in the community - cast, crew, vendors, institutions, elected officials - to rally together and develop the film industry in Central New York. As we work together to attract more film and TV productions to the region, we will all have more job opportunities. As a Professional Member, you help fortify our professional film community and provide more opportunities for yourself and other CNYFP members.


  • What does it cost to be a member?

    We offer three pricing options to become a professional member.


    3 Month Professional Membership - $40 / every 3 months

    6 Month Professional Membership - $60 / every 6 months

    1 Year Professional Membership - $100 / annually

  • What is the Professional Member database?

    The Professional Member database is the official database of the Greater Syracuse Film Office. This database is a directory that lists regional film professionals (crew, cast, and vendors) as well as filming locations. The database is created and run by Reel-Scout, the industry-standard for film offices throughout the nation. The NY State and regional film offices direct productions to this database to hire regionally.


    As a professional member, you have the ability to create a profile that lists your skills, experience and credits, a headshot, contact information, and links to your other external sites (e.g. website, YouTube, Vimeo, IMDb, social media).

  • Who can join the database?

    All Professional Members of CNYFP who can work as a local in Central New York can join the database. This includes crew, cast, vendors, and support services. No previous experience is required; you may choose categories in which you want to gain experience.

  • Who can see my information?

    The disclosure of your information is your decision. When creating your profile, you have the option to keep your information private or public for people viewing the database.


    Information that you have chosen to keep private is saved in the database and only viewable by the database administrator. CNYFP will not share your private information with third party services.


Members of Central New York Film Professionals (CNYFP) will get access to job opportunities, career-advancement workshops and other resources, invitations to special industry events, and much more.






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The Syracuse Film Office is dedicated to serving professional film productions of all sizes (movies, television, commercials, music videos, etc). We are the point-of-access to this region's film-related entities (facilities, locations, crew, talent, equipment, vendors, unions, municipal offices). Our goal is to create an efficient and prosperous experience for each production working in the Syracuse and Central New York region.